GetHenry: E-Bikes For Last-Mile Delivery

May 26, 2021

GetHenry | Techstars Smart Mobility 2020

Home delivery has arguably never been more important. German startup GetHenry makes the process easier for companies and customers alike with its fully serviced mobility solution for last-mile delivery. The startup offers a tailor-made mobility service that allows customers to subscribe to electric utility vehicles including regular maintenance and software. Founded by Luis Orsini-Rosenberg and Nikodemus Seilern, the startup completed the Techstars Smart Mobility Accelerator in Turin, Italy.

Growth in last-mile delivery had been strong for a number of years, and then came the pandemic. The steady expansion gave way to a sudden, chaotic explosion in demand.

In the middle of this demand surge was, and remains, German startup GetHenry. The outfit offers e-bikes as part of a full-service subscription model to couriers and grocers, with the rapid need for home delivery translating into 3000% business growth in eight months.

Cofounder and CEO Luis Orsini-Rosenberg says the company, which currently operates in Germany and Austria, is driven to improve operations in the delivery sector while reducing transport-related CO2 emissions in cities.

GetHenry founders Luis Orsini-Rosenberg and Nikodemus Seilern

GetHenry founders Luis Orsini-Rosenberg and Nikodemus Seilern

New Bikes, Cities, Markets

The startup has hit so many milestones over the past 12 months that they have almost stopped setting goals, Luis laughs. Grocery delivery is “exploding” in all parts of Europe and most outfits are using e-bikes for last-mile delivery. Luis, who previously worked at Uber and cofounded GetHenry with his cousin and CPO Nikodemus Seilern, says the company is regularly flooded with new requests for bikes and city services.

One of the most exciting recent developments has been the design of a new e-bike. Couriers on average ride 60 to 100 kilometers every day, and the startup decided to come up with a new model that could withstand such intense use. “This will be a game-changer on the operations side,” Luis says. “It will bring an increase to safety and efficiency.”

Scaling up the bicycle fleet, improving operations, and launching in more cities and a new market is on the cards for GetHenry. The startup is currently active in six cities across Germany and Austria and is preparing to expand into its third market..

Finding the Right Product-Market Fit With Techstars

However, getting to this point would not have been possible without the expertise and insight offered by Techstars, Luis says. The startup took part in the inaugural class of Techstars Mobility Accelerator in Turin, Italy, with a completely different business model.

Originally, GetHenry focused on e-scooter rentals at hotels. However, following the sudden arrival of the pandemic, accelerator stakeholders helped the startup pivot to last-mile delivery.

“Techstars made important introductions and helped us think through the change,” Luis said. 

“They were part of this journey from day zero and very much knew what was happening and how to approach it.”

Accelerator associates helped to redesign the marketing and website of the startup, while mentors suggested investor newsletters and tips for product-market fit. “The accelerator location was amazing and we loved being part of this ecosystem in Turin. The associates, mentors, and Martin [Olczyk, Managing Director] were great,” Luis says. 

GetHenry has so far raised €1M and is currently closing its seed round.