Brand Kit


It is important to maintain the branding rules and guidelines across all promotional, social, and sponsorship outreach materials.

This ties together all Techstars Startup Week events around the world, helps you leverage the Techstars Startup Week brand, and reinforce a global standard of quality on a local level. 

Once the application is approved, Techstars provides Startup Week organizing teams with the tools needed to run a great event on Techstars Preflight Community Platform.

Your brand kit includes:

  • Marketing and promotional collateral as well as templates for social media page creation and posts

  • Templates for physical marketing assets like roll-up banners, stickers, t-shirts, and posters

  • A media library that you can access to customize your promotional outreach materials and sponsorship deck

  • We include a marketing and promotion worksheet within our Planning Sheet to help you keep track of your efforts

Techstars co-branding guide

Techstars partners with a number of organizations. When co-branding with Techstars, partner brands must follow these guidelines, regardless of brand dominance. See co-branding guidelines here.