Facilitator Requirements

To help ensure that participants and others involved in Techstars Startup Weekend have had a high quality experience, we are committed to bringing in the right facilitators to lead our events. Facilitators should be prepared to be a key part of delivering the Startup Weekend experience, helping provide impactful change to entrepreneurial communities throughout the world. Before you apply to become a facilitator, please review the below information.

The Value of Being a Techstars Startup Weekend Facilitator

While each Techstars Startup Weekend facilitator has a unique path in their journey, there are a number of valuable professional and personal development components that unite facilitators around the world. 

Many organizers turned facilitators don’t see themselves as natural public speakers at first, but the training and practice from facilitating events helps them get out of their comfort zones and learn how to manage and engage crowds. As a facilitator, you’ll be able to develop valuable skills related to leadership and community building. You’ll also have a wide array of opportunities to expand your network.

You’ll join a global community of facilitators who can help you grow and develop. There will also be  opportunities to travel to other cities, experience different local cultures, and connect with a diverse group of mentors and judges who are typically well positioned in their local entrepreneurial communities.

Not only does facilitating offer a variety of opportunities for professional and personal growth, but it also will allow you to play an integral role in the future success of entrepreneurs and communities. Your support will help participants bring their ideas to life!

A unifying trait we all share in our mission at Techstars Startup Weekend is our collective passion for entrepreneurship. Startup Weekend provides a platform to build entrepreneurial communities and creates a space for aspiring entrepreneurs to feel supported, to learn, to ask questions, and to become inspired.

You’ll witness the growth in people, help make the event a success, and be an ambassador for startup communities across the world.


You must have at least 1 year experience in public speaking and crowd management before applying.

The facilitator is at the event to support the local organizing team, making sure that all attendees have a rich, positive experience. An experience in public speaking and crowd management will help ensure you can ​​skilfully manage the tone, flow, feel, and logistics of the weekend.  

2. You should exemplify the Startup Weekend core values.

We want to make sure that you are aligned with our mission and goals, so that we can bring the best possible experience to participants across the world. 

3. You must agree to complete facilitator training.

To prepare you to be comfortable and successful in your role as facilitator, we have developed a number of training materials that will help you get ready to lead a Startup Weekend. Once you apply to become a facilitator, we will review your application and if successful, you will gain access to the online training course. You will have 30 days to complete the online course.

4. You must agree to facilitate a minimum of one event per year.

In order to bring the most value to our communities, we want our facilitators to stay active in their roles. We find that facilitating at least three events per year keeps your skills fresh, so you don’t have to continuously review training materials. 

6. You must agree to complete a short event survey after each event.

As a facilitator, you’re our ambassador and representative at Startup Weekends, and we depend on you to gather important feedback about the quality of our events. We will use your feedback to ensure that our high standard of quality for events is maintained and to see where we can improve the experience we deliver for participants and others involved in our events. 

Common Qualities We Look For in a Facilitator

There are certain qualities that we look for in our facilitators to ensure that they’re the right fit for Startup Weekend. The ideal facilitator is someone who:

  • Is comfortable with public speaking

  • Has the ability to manage crowds

  • Is a people-person

  • Leads with empathy

  • Strives for inclusion

  • Is enthusiastic

  • Os a hard worker

  • Is a team player

  • And most importantly, embodies the core values of Techstars Startup Weekend.

The Techstars Startup Weekend Core Values

Techstars exists to create a more sustainable, inclusive, and connected world. We are here to start a movement that makes innovation accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Our Techstars Startup Weekend mission is to teach and promote entrepreneurship and build, strengthen, and empower communities through experiential learning. 

Our Startup Weekend participants are there to build diverse teams, work on their ideas and pitches, and collaborate with like-minded, innovative, driven, and passionate individuals. It’s important to remember that it’s not just about the idea — it’s also about the team. 

We believe that the people who come to our event will be the ones to solve the real challenges our world faces. We put people first and we are open to all.

With that in mind, we have defined four values at the core of Techstars Startup Weekend.

Connected Communities 

We believe entrepreneurs can change the world. We believe that strong entrepreneurial ecosystems are created from connected communities. We create strong community bonds by facilitating connections and sharing our networks. This is the foundation for community transformation. 

Give First

We help others whenever possible, giving first to our community, with no specific expectations of return. We believe that the pay-it-forward principle builds strong startup networks and communities. 


We believe collaboration drives innovation. Our community leaders are an integral part of the Techstars Startup Weekend team. They are collaborative stewards of the brand. They represent the successful history of Startup Weekends that we’ve run worldwide. As a team, we act with integrity and treat others with respect. 


We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere. Techstars Startup Weekend is always open to all. We’re committed to making people feel included and welcomed — before, during and after the weekend. We invite all communities to participate. We use inclusive language in communications and respect cultural differences. We lead with empathy and encourage inclusive behaviour that will nurture a safe and inclusive environment.

New Facilitator Onboarding

At Techstars, we actively look to add new Techstars Startup Weekend facilitators to our global roster. Being a facilitator allows you to travel and get to know other communities in your country and region. If you have fulfilled the Facilitator Requirements listed on this page, we invite you to apply to join the Techstars global facilitator network. Once you’ve submitted your facilitator application, we will carefully review your submission. If successful, you will be invited to complete an online training course.

In the event that we don’t proceed with your application, don’t be discouraged! Facilitating is only one of many ways to contribute to Techstars’ entrepreneurial communities, and we’re here to help you feel supported as you bring new opportunities to your city.

Apply to become a facilitator

Existing Facilitators: Facilitator Training

We are immensely grateful for the work of all of our facilitators. We believe our new resources can provide some valuable new information that can help you in your facilitator journey. If you're an existing facilitator and would like to brush up your facilitator skills, you can enroll in our online Facilitator Training Course in Techstars Preflight. Please note, you must create an account in Techstars, using the invitation link provided to you by Techstars. Contact help@techstars.com if you didn’t receive your invitation link.