License and Event Agreement Summary


Techstars Startup Weekend and Startup Week events provide a valuable framework for developing entrepreneurial communities around the world. We appreciate the work of our community leaders globally who provide the magic for our events. When ‘'Techstars Community programs’ is noted, it refers to both Techstars Startup Weekend and Startup Week as a collective. Techstars has created an Organizer License and Event Agreement to help guide you while organizing your Techstars Community Programs Event. This License and Event Agreement provides the rights and clear guidelines for community leaders to ensure all of our events worldwide maintain a high standard of excellence and provide a quality experience for participants. 

This page provides a high level summary of the key points in our Organizer License and Event Agreement. You’ll be required to agree and accept this agreement before submitting your event application. This summary is not a substitute for reading and understanding the License Agreement. Please ensure you have a clear understanding of all of the Techstars Community Programs requirements and expectations before you agree to the License Agreement. 

Key Points 

  1. Our Techstars Community Programs license will allow you, as lead organizer, to use the Techstars Startup Weekend or Startup Week names and event materials for your approved Techstars Startup Community Programs event. The license is applicable for one specific event per 12 month period. You will only be able to submit a new application once your current event has been completed. 

  2. The license holder will be the event’s lead organizer, and is responsible for forming an organizing team and managing event finances. This includes having an understanding of any local legal requirements and financial regulations as well as paying all local taxes and fees. Techstars cannot provide legal, financial, or tax advice, so we suggest you seek local consultation if necessary. 

  3. You agree to follow all of the outlined event organizing structural requirements (i.e. event format, team size, timeline for planning, etc.). You are solely responsible for obtaining sponsorship, running promotional marketing, administering participant registrations, and all other planning items associated with running a successful event.

  4. Techstars Community Programs events are meant to be low cost events and not for profit. If there are funds remaining at the end of the event, we encourage community leaders to reinvest these funds in the local startup community or future events. 

  5. As an organizer, you are responsible for sourcing, managing, and if necessary, paying any fees related to your ticketing and registration platform for the event. You will be provided with specific guidelines from Techstars regarding what needs to be included on your event page. This includes event description, Terms of Participation and registration questions You must follow Techstars guidelines for your event name.  

  6. You must follow Techstars’ defined method for sharing your attendee’s email registration information with Techstars when requested for them to receive useful information around their global perks and additional information. 

  7. Events and all event marketing materials will follow the Techstars branding and naming requirements. All events are affiliated with the Techstars brand.

  8. Techstars events are stand-alone events. They cannot be co-branded with other organizations or entities. If there’s a key partner involved in the event we suggest the wording ‘Supported by’ to define their role.

  9. Techstars global and regional sponsors should be recognized at each event.  

  10. Any press releases that you use must be based on the provided Techstars template, and approved by Techstars. In all cases you may only speak on behalf of yourself as an organizer and about your event. Only Techstars staff may speak on behalf of Techstars. Any content created at your event (pictures, movies, sound files, etc) are to be shared with Techstars via a platform we will provide.

  11. Techstars will provide support to organizing teams including access to the marketing assets, a resource portal, access to certified facilitator pairing tool, email support from Techstars team members, and rights to Techstars Community Programs intellectual property.

  12. Techstars is not responsible for any claim or other cause of action brought by a third party related to your Techstars Community Programs event or community activities. Techstars is not responsible for any injury or damage you or others may suffer in connection with your event.

  13. Techstars has a general event insurance policy, but cannot guarantee any specific coverage will be extended to you or your event, and we cannot offer legal or insurance advice. You may be required to obtain specific types of insurance coverage for your event based on the local laws in your jurisdiction. 

  14. You are required to comply with all applicable country and local laws and regulatory requirements in connection with your business activities. This includes laws against bribery and corruption. You also may not work with partners for your event that may be compromised by corrupt history, sanctions, etc. In some cases, Techstars may require that you complete certain vetting steps for your sponsors. 

  15. Your use of our services is subject to Techstars’ Privacy Policy available here. You agree never to sell or give participant personal information to any third parties and to not provide any personal information without proper consent or permission. You agree to process the Techstars Community Programs-related personal information lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner in accordance with our policy and local privacy measures.  

You are required to read and sign the full agreement when you apply to host an event. You can access the full agreement here. We recommend that you keep a copy of the agreement handy after you apply. As always, the Techstars team is here to help. We hope you are excited to bring the event to your community! If you have any questions, reach out to

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