Event Platform

All organizers must source their own event website / registration platform and share it with their Techstars Community support contact. Once your application has been approved you’ll gain access to the Preflight Community Platform for guidance and recommendations to help you build your event and registration page, as well as our Global Partner perks information.


When selecting your platform, ensure that your event registration page includes all required information as stated in the license agreement:

  1. Include the approved Techstars event description from our template below

  2. Include the approved event title and logo from our Brand kit, which you will have access to in Techstars Preflight once your application is approved

  3. Follow our Techstars domain naming guidelines. Domains must follow the following format: "swkcity" "startupweekcity". Example: www.swklondon.com or www.startupweekparis.com 

  4. Ensure the event’s page includes a link back to www.techstars.com 

  5. Ensure all event information including mentors, judges and sponsor details are added to your event page. 

  6. The lead organizer is responsible for sharing the total attendee number with Techstars after the event. 

Event description

It is a requirement for all Techstars Startup Week events to include the following event description on the event website and registration page.

Event description Template

Techstars Startup Week is a five-day, entrepreneur-led, community event held in cities across the world to showcase the local startup ecosystem through meetups, lectures, discussions, and celebrations.

Registration platform recommendations

The organizing team is responsible for finding and maintaining their own registration platform.  While there are a variety of options across the globe, the below are some great options that will allow you and your team to fulfill the platform requirements using the free version or for a low entry cost. Please note that Techstars is not affiliated with these platforms, but simply recommending them as great options. The below are generally available globally, however do check for specific country restrictions. If you have another platform that you would like to work with, please let your Customer Success Coordinator know as soon as possible for confirmation. 


Sched offers an exclusive 10% discount to Techstars Startup Week organizing. Sched is event scheduling software for planning, organizing, promoting, managing, and executing excellent in-person, online, and hybrid events.Apply for your 10% discount here.

Other recommendations

Global Partners 

Ensure you showcase our two global sponsors, Brex and GoDaddy Registry on your event website. Read more about them here