What's different?

An online version of Techstars Startup Week brings new opportunities to entrepreneurs and their communities. 

Organizer Profile

For the online version, only previous organizers of Startup Week can lead an online initiative (at least one person from the core team). We have discovered that a full online event can be overwhelming even for the most experienced organizer. 


Instead of being attached to one city, the online version of Techstars Startup Week can defy the geographical limitations of a community. Applications for an event can have the following scopes:

  • City - just like the original. An event focused on the community who drives the entrepreneurial spirit of a city.

  • State - going a little bit beyond, covering a whole state from your country.

Attendee Profile

The internet opens up the opportunity to any person in the world with a good internet connection. Some restrictions might be age, previous registration, time zone, and language of the content (if applicable).


All Techstars Startup Week events will maintain the five-day duration format. You can go from five to seven days in your week if you are planning activities during the weekend.


The rule of minimum 5 different tracks or themes for your event will be maintained.

Planning Period

We recommend 3 to 5 months to organize your Techstars Startup Week Online event.


While expenses will be reduced significantly due to venue, catering, swag, transportation, and other costs not being required in an online version, you might still need the support of a sponsor to cover the platform fees and other costs related to hosting the event. Most of the platforms charge for one-time use, monthly subscription, or fee per attendee registered. Additionally, you might want to run digital marketing campaigns with a budget to get the right audience. We recommend striving for $2K USD for an event with up to 1000 attendees.

Want to learn more about Startup Week Online?

Watch our AMA session with Techstars team and experienced Community Leaders to learn about what to expect and tips for organizing a quality virtual week celebration.

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