Plan your event

Everything you need to know to organize a Startup Week, from team roles and event logistics to sponsors and budgeting.

Planning sheet

A one-stop project management tool template for Startup Week organizers which helps the team stay on track and keep important information in one place. 

Organizer checklist

A fun Trello board template to help you check off important tasks at the times that they need to be worked on, with the option of assigning tasks to team members and setting deadlines. 

Your event team

Guidelines for team roles within the organizing team and recommendations for how to work with your volunteer team. 

Organizing team

Team roles and responsibilities.


Event volunteer management and outreach.

Event logistics

Recommendations or picking your dates, and securing and managing various accessible venues, preparing for emergencies, managing finances and sponsors, and how to wrap up your event.  

Date and venues

How to pick a date, and which venues to reach out to.


Learn how to create the perfect programming around your tracks for Startup Week to support networking, connection, and mentoring opportunities.


Preparation techniques and advice on how to handle emergency situations.

Finances and sponsors

Financial requirements, ticketing, our refund policy, budgeting, how to raise sponsorship and best practices for working with your sponsors.

Post event and renewal

See best practises for wrapping up your event and what next steps you can take on your community leader journey.