Sponsorship Deck

The sponsorship slide deck is an effective tool for outreach to sponsors. The template is pre-filled with all the information you will need to effectively communicate the impact and value of Techstars Startup Week. 

Once you’ve made a copy of the deck, you just need to fill in a few event-specific details:

  • Relevant information to your region and event, including name, dates and locations.

  • Information from previous Startup Weeks, if applicable, to help communicate the value and the structure of the event.

  • Sponsorship level/tier information, including what sponsors would receive in return for the specific sponsorship level, if applicable.

  • Explain why your potential sponsor would be interested in sponsoring your event specifically. For example, are you running a sustainability-themed track and reaching out to a caterer who only uses compostable eating utensils and sources ingredients locally, it could be a perfect match. 

Launch Sponsorship Deck Template