Misti Cain on how to connect during COVID-19

August 11th, 2020

Misti Cain is founder of digital strategy company whyzze, host of the business reality show “Werrrk!,” and an All Star Techstars Mentor. The Business Strategy Queen talks about what’s needed in a mentor/founder relationship, helping founders create a business roadmap, how to build relationships virtually during COVID-19, and how everyone can #GiveFirst.

Misti Cain speaks with David Cohen about her journey from a digital marketing strategist to Techstars Anywhere Accelerator mentor, founder of mentorship platform Whyzze, and host of “Werrrk!,” a business reality show. 

Watch Misti discuss the challenges and pleasures of virtual mentoring in Inside a Virtual Accelerator

She explains her best tactics for building important relationships in our challenging COVID-19 virtual environment, including having a visual component for a strong human connection, a shared raison d’etre, and clear communication. 

Listen for Misti’s memorable Whyzze business success stories, her early motivation, her definition of the true meaning of success — and why she believes everyone can Give First.

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