Founder Rising: Take All Advice With a Grain of Salt — with Christie Horvath

September 23rd, 2020

Soliciting advice from experts, consultants, investors, mentors, and other founders is important — but Christie Horvath, founder of Wagmo, knows that ultimately, she needs to rely on her own knowledge and judgment to evaluate that advice.

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Founders — especially first time founders — need to walk a careful line with advice. They need lots of it in order to make good decisions, but ultimately, every decision is theirs to make. Christie Horvath, founder of Wagmo, says her biggest tip to other founders is to “take everyone’s advice with a grain of salt — especially if you’re a female founder, you’re going to get a lot of advice and most of it’s going to be wrong.”

Early on, she doubted herself and hired “some dude with a fancy resume” to make some big decisions for her, and the results were not good. But the experience taught her to be confident and to trust herself: “You know more about your company than anyone else does.” Keep learning, but have confidence in your own leadership.

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