A Startup Community Podcast

Jun 29, 2021

Every one of us is a startup community builder as well as a founder, investor, economic development leader, professor, lawyer, researcher, accountant and entrepreneur support champion.  Why?  Because every action we take in one of those roles has an impact on the greater community.

Techstars and Chris Heivly are excited to launch a podcast for ecosystem builders. This podcast augments the writings of Brad Feld in his seminal book Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem In Your City as well as the follow up book from Brad and Ian Hathaway, The Startup Community Way: Evolving an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. In addition there are blog musings from Brad, Ian and Chris over the years that in combination attempt to demystify our collective understandings of what it takes to grow a startup community or entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“The framework in the books and our blog posts are a north star but many times they don't easily translate into the specific actions we each need to take to grow our ecosystem.  This podcast will serve as that translator”, explained Chris Heivly, former SVP of Ecosystem Development for Techstars and community builder in Raleigh/Durham, NC.

Where do we each come from?

  • Brad first conceived the idea of a startup community over 10 years ago and has been instrumental leader in Boulder, Colorado. 

  • For the past four plus years, Chris has been traveling all over the world interviewing, advising, coaching and partnering with different ecosystem actors as the visionary for Techstars Ecosystems Development consulting practice.

  • Ian executed the definitive research and analysis to find some science and in that a methodology or framework that could help each one of us understand how we as individuals could make a larger impact on our startup community.

Your Startup Community podcast follows a unique “talk show” format wherein we focus on a single topic and dissect what it means to us, reveal in more detail the ideas put forth in the books & blogs, and tease out how these ideas manifest themselves in cities small and large around the world.  Guests are community builders in those cities.

Our first season will be nine episodes with nine guests sharing their experiences across one or more of the nine topics.  At launch we will release the first two episodes and then release an episode every two weeks thereafter.

Check out the first episodes of Your Startup Community:

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