Announcing Techstars Sustainability Paris Class of March 2024

Mar 19, 2024

Techstars Sustainability Paris is thrilled to announce the impressive lineup for its March 2024 class. The program started on Monday, March 11th, and is slated to conclude on June 6th with a demo day, marking our fifth cohort in just over two years, now totalling 60 portfolio companies.

Embracing a hybrid format, our program ensures accessibility for all founders, regardless of their geographical constraints. While the first three and last two weeks of the program, including the Demo Day, will convene in person, we remain committed to fostering continuous development throughout and beyond the intensive 13-week journey.

This year's applicant pool was truly exceptional, with a fiercely competitive array hailing from numerous countries. From this diverse pool, we proudly selected 12 international companies, all driven by a shared vision of sculpting a more sustainable tomorrow. Themes such as responsible consumption & production and affordable & clean energy shows their collective mission to address today's pressing sustainability challenges.

At the helm of the Techstars Sustainability Paris Accelerator stands a strong team, led by Managing Director Audun Abelsnes, alongside Rebecca Ravenni, Investment Associate, Lucia Gambuzzi, Program Manager, and Elif Dinc, Associate

We've also enlisted esteemed Mentors in Residence: Arnaud Weiss for sales, Andrea Sasso for financial frameworks, Sera Evcimen for hardware and manufacturing, Sanford Spivey for customer discovery, and Daniel Andor for Product UX. Additionally, we're privileged to have two coaches in residence, Ash Ganzoury and Joy Zoltobroda, along with Frederic Krebs as our Investor in Residence, also affiliated with Serena Capital. In 1 week time, over 90 additional Mentors will join us for "Mentor Madness," providing support to our founders.

Without further ado, let's see the Class of March 2024:

Acuicy (Canada): Pioneering Business Intelligence for Net Zero Supply Chains

Carbo Energy (Argentina): Scaling energy storage for a greener future

GST DAO (United Kingdom): Introducing Earth's first currency backed by protected land

Inverto (Switzerland): Revolutionizing coastlines through rewilding beyond mere tree planting

LoneReport (United States): Streamlining ESG compliance with a unified reporting solution

MONSAPO (Tunisia): TechRevive - Innovating Recycling Solutions for a sustainable future

Powerfull Technology Limited (United Kingdom): Spearheading Africa's energy transition through innovative finance solutions

Raiz (Portugal): Making local food systems a reality

Ride Commerce (United Kingdom): Empowering greener transportation with AI-driven solutions reducing CO2 emissions

Sequestr (Canada): Pioneering Carbon Removal from Concept to Market

Switchgrid (France): Leading Decarbonization of Electric Heating

Wastetide (France): Harnessing AI to tackle the global waste crisis head-on

With such a diverse and innovative cohort, the stage is set for a transformative journey towards a more sustainable future!