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Here’s What’s New in our Community Resource Portal.

10 September 2021:

30 July 2021:

4 June 2021: 

21 May 2021: 

  • Event schedule examples and Guide to create a logo on Desygner information added to Organizer FAQ page

14 May 2021: 

23 April 2021: 

16 April 2021: 

17 March 2021: 

12 March 2021:

5 March 2021:

26 February 2021 : 

  • Added sponsorship deck template and sponsor email outreach template links to Sponsors page

  • Removed Post event Guidance for Participants from Contents list on Post-event and renewal page

  • Updated Lead Organizer and Finance Lead role and responsibilities on Organizing Team page

  • Added New Community Model FAQ to Organizer FAQ page

  • Added New Community Model, Interim Process for Running Techstars Startup Weekend Events, Closing SWOOP, Finances, Legal, Running Online Events, All Star CLs, Other questions quick links to Contents on Organizer FAQ page.

12 February 2021: 

5 February 2021:

29 January 2021: 

22 January 2021:

  • Added Online event checklist to Startup Weekend Organizer Checklist Trello board template and Printable Checklist, and removed the Launched Startup Weekend Online Organizer Checklist button on the Startup Weekend Organizer Checklist page

  • Fixed Facilitator Application form link on the Working With Your Event Team page

13 January 2021: 

  • Changed Marigold RGB and HEX color codes on the Brand Kit page.

6 January 2021: