Facilitating Online

The Techstars facilitator role remains the same for in-person and online events. Their role is to support your team and make sure everything goes smoothly during your event. They’ll bring the energy, help with participant management, represent our global partners, and emcee the event. 

They help Techstars ensure that all our events have a consistent level of quality across the world, and they’re an extra level of support to help make your event a success. Facilitators donate their time just like organizers, judges, and mentors do.

To ensure everything goes smoothly and the online crowd is kept engaged, it is important for the facilitator to get to know all the tools that will be used during the event as soon as possible. Thorough tech checks and rehearsals should also be carried out at least a week in advance to avoid any issues during the event.

Facilitator Deck

Please review the Techstars Startup Weekend online facilitator deck template for your online event.

Organizer Checklist

  • Confirm your event facilitator. If your event needs a facilitator, get in touch with your Techstars Community Support point of contact.

  • Make sure that all information required to finalize the facilitator Deck [Template] has been shared with the facilitator. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Tools and platforms information 

    • The complete schedule

    • Information and bios for the organizing team, mentors, speakers, and judges

    • Sponsor information and logos.

  • Make sure the facilitator knows exactly who to connect with before the event and that a clear meeting time is arranged.

  • Make sure the facilitator has access to all the platforms that will be used during the weekend.

  • Confirm team members contact details with the facilitator in case they need to reach you.