What’s Different?

Although most of the event structure remains the same as an in-person, offline Techstars Startup Weekend, there are some elements of the online event that will be slightly different, including event planning logistics, participant capacity, ticketing, and idea submission processes.

More participant capacity: Online events can have capacity for up to 400 participants. Please reach out to your Techstars community support contact if you’re interested in running an event with 125+ participants.

Option to sell tickets: Selling tickets is optional for online Techstars Startup Weekends, although ticket sales may support participant commitment and additional/complimentary online tools and services. As the cost is significantly lower to run an online event, the ticket price ought to be lower than the in-person event.

Online idea submission: Participants will be asked to submit their ideas during the registration period prior to the event. 

Remote Organization: Organizing teams will be able to plan their event completely remotely for the virtual format. For more information on how to structure your online event team, see the Team Roles & Responsibilities section.

Keep in mind that Techstars is no longer supporting event level finances, so if you decide to charge for tickets, you will need to manage event finances locally.

How it Works

For events with up to 125 participants the schedule remains the same as an in-person event, where pitch, voting, and team formation will take place on Friday. 

A live stream of final pitch presentations will take place on Sunday. For events with 125+ participants, reach out to your Techstars community support contact who will offer additional guidance.

Your Website

For information on how to set up your event page and ticketing, please see Event Platform page.