Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator

The Race to a Net Zero Future; We are serious about Climate Tech! Our true aim with this program is to explore real business opportunities with Equinor. We have massive support from both Equinor and Capgemini! This program seeks & supports any startups working across the energy transition within areas such as (but not limited to); • Clean Energy Resources & Solutions • Low Carbon Technologies & Carbon Products • Oil and Gas for a Lower Carbon Footprint • Digital Enablers: Data, Cyber, Digital Twin, AI Technologies & much more! • Wildcards & Disruptors In other words: Challenge us! Surprise us!

Oslo, Norway

2023 March

In Person Program
This program hopes to run in-person, dependent on COVID-19 conditions.

Sep 7th, 2022

Applications Open

Nov 30th, 2022

Final Deadline

Mar 13th, 2023

Accelerator Starts

Jun 8th, 2023

Demo Day

The Team

Audun Abelsnes
Managing Director
Ola Thorud Jacobsen
Program Manager

"I look for great teams that are intellectually honest, coachable, and that demonstrate fierce execution skills."

Audun Abelsnes, Managing Director
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"Through the Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator, we aim to attract innovative companies and new technologies that can be implemented across the broader Equinor"
Lisa Rebora
SVP, Emerging and Future Business at Equinor
“The energy transition is on top of Capgemini’s agenda and we need new innovative solutions in the transition to a digital, sustainable future. As these solutions often come from smaller players and start-ups, we are truly excited to work with the companies in the 2022 Equinor & Techstars energy Accelerator ”
Elin Skauge
VP, Practice Lead, Innovation & Strategy at Capgemini Invent


" You can make a real change in the energy transition & we are there to help you "
Tallak Thorleifsson
EVP, Capgemini Invent
" You can make a real change in the energy transition & we are there to help you "
Tallak Thorleifsson
EVP, Capgemini Invent
" The accelerator is a great way for Equinor to work with innovative companies that can support Equinor in the energy transition and in shaping the future of energy "
Mary Karunakaran
Investment Manager, Equinor Ventures
" Techstars attracts the most talented startups looking for impact - and then supercharges them. Techstars is world-class: talented startups, super-professional organisation. As a mentor you can have real impact "
Adam Forbes
Founder, Familiarize
" With Techstars you’ll get straighter, faster, stronger feedback than you feel ready for and a group of mentors with hands fully up to guide you through it "
Anna-Lisa Wesley
Partner, Sapphire & Steel
"Being a mentor at Techstars Energy means meeting unbelievably talented entrepreneurs, eager to share their ideas for a better energy future as well as to elicit advice on best ways to get their product to reach the market."
Christine Batruch
Senior Strategic Advisor for Lundin Petroleum AB and a mentor for Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator
"The Techstars Energy program brings together startups and grownups – like me - and it has created great value for both sides. It has been very refreshing to be a mentor."
Brede Lærum
Manager Digitalisation, Head of 3D print initiative at Equinor and Techstars mentor
"I love meeting the people behind the startups of the Techstars program and to the best of my ability help them towards success."
Ulrik Olbjørn
Manager of Improvements and Digitalization Marketing Midstream and Processing at Equinor and Techstars mentor
"I am impressed and inspired by the people working at Techstars companies. They are creative, energetic, and competent in solving challenges for the industry and society."
Jofrid Klokkehaug
Vice President Refining Optimisation and Planning at Equinor ASA and Techstars mentor
"I am always amazed by the vision and talent of the Techstars Energy companies. Each year, I look forward to working with such energetic teams, helping them progress."
Gunnar Sanner
Advisor Business Development at Equinor and Techstars mentor
"Being a Techstars Energy mentor is both rewarding and challenging. The founders are so passionate about solving the problem they have identified — and they're also very smart and demanding. They expect a lot and preferably fast."
Jens Festervoll
Director of Business Development at Halogen and a mentor for Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator
"Be energized at work, spend time with energy startups, and see how keen they are to help moving the energy business into the future."
Stein P. Aannerud
Head of Process Digitalization at Equinor and Techstars mentor