Event Logistics

Everything you need to know about working with your event team, the venue, how to prepare for emergencies, and all aspects of presenting and managing different parts of the event during the weekend. 

Working with your event team

Learn about the facilitator pairing process and best practices for working with the event team.

Venue and emergencies

Learn about venue and emergencies best practices and preparedness.

Public speaking

Learn about the value of public speaking at Startup Weekends and review guidelines on public speaking, your presentation and crowd management.

Participant education

Learn how to use your facilitator deck and workshops to educate participants on the key principles of Startup Weekend and entrepreneurship during the weekend 

How pitches work

Review the 60 second pitch process for the first night, and final pitch presentations on the last day and how you can support the pitching teams and organizing teams during these.

Facilitating online events

Understand the differences between facilitating an in-person and online event and review best practices.  

Post event

Review a few items to check off your list once the weekend has concluded, including the post-event survey, next possible steps on your community leader journey, and post-event guidelines for participants.