Unlocking Untapped Potential in Entrepreneurship

In 2022, Techstars raised more than $80M to invest in diverse and traditionally overlooked entrepreneurs across nine U.S. cities.

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Opening opportunity to anyone, anywhere

Techstars strongly believes that great ideas come from anywhere and anyone—no matter what their backgrounds or where they live.

Techstars’ new $80M fund raised through the J.P. Morgan Private Bank is running 37 accelerator programs across nine multicultural U.S. cities. These programs are open to founders of all backgrounds, with a particular focus on diverse entrepreneurs traditionally undervalued and overlooked by other venture capital sources.

Over three years, this fund aims to elevate 400+ companies and their local ecosystems with the proven Techstars approach combining customized programming, mentorship, and access to capital. Five programs—Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, and Washington D.C.—began in in 2022. Four additional programs—Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, and New Orleans—are now welcoming entrepreneurs of all backgrounds.

Techstars powered by J.P. Morgan accelerators

Visit the program pages below to learn more about individual city accelerator teams, investment theses, and schedules for each program currently accepting applications. Additional locations will be added in 2023.

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