Trendwatch Cities & Mobility: May 25, 2020

May 25th, 2020


New York Times: Google Sibling Abandons Ambitious City of the Future in Toronto 

In scrapping the project, the company cited the economic upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but critics say it was a loser from the start and a failure in “surveillance capitalism.”      

The Drive: Viziblezone Wants Cars to Spot Pedestrians By Tracking Their Smartphones 

The next big thing, or a privacy nightmare?     

New York Times: This Was Supposed to Be the Year Driverless Cars Went Mainstream 

Perfecting the technology has taken longer than expected. The coronavirus pandemic has made it even more difficult.       

New York Times: The Results Are In for the Sharing Economy. They Are Ugly. 

Lyft, Uber and Airbnb depend on travel, vacations and gatherings. That’s a problem when much of the world is staying home.      

Smart Cities Dive: Smart Projects Not a Priority for Most Government CIOs, CTOs   

The leaders who do have a smart strategy in place are focusing their work on areas that can benefit the public most broadly, like digitizing government services and enhancing civic engagement.    

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