Trendwatch Health & Wellness: August 5, 2020

August 5th, 2020


Printing human tissue to test COVID treatments – Blood tests for Alzheimer's – Health insurance for startups – Obsessing over fitness apps – DTC healthcare  

A Possible Weapon Against the Pandemic: Printing Human Tissue — New York Times

Bioprinting could be used for testing potential treatments for COVID-19, cancer and other diseases.   

Scientists Get Closer to Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease With a Blood Test — LA Times

Developing such a test has been a long-sought goal, and scientists warn that the new approach still needs more validation and is not yet ready for wide use.

Insuring Startups: Angle Health Lands $4M Seed For Insurance Plans — Crunchbase News

“The startup demographic is the most progressive for the adoption of technology and expects a better experience, especially for health insurance.”     

Health-Care Startup Ro Raises $200 Million in New Funding — Wall Street Journal

The company said it will use the capital to invest in technology and double its engineering team.

Young People 'Feel Anxiety and Terror' Using Fitness Apps — BBC 

Young peoples' use of phone apps to monitor and improve their health has led to "obsessive behaviour, anxiety and terror," a study has suggested. 

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