Trendwatch Cities & Mobility: May 11, 2020

May 11th, 2020


Wired: Delivery Robots Aren't Ready—When They Could Be Needed Most 

Sheltering in place has driven up demand for deliveries, but machines still have trouble confronting the unpredictability of the real world.

Venturebeat: How Mobility Data Could Help Governments Track Lockdown Compliance

StreetLight Data has introduced a new mobility data tool that it believes can help policymakers better monitor compliance and make more informed adjustments as the situation evolves.

Techcrunch: The ‘PuffPacket’ Could Help Researchers Learn When, How and Why People Vape

A small device attaches to e-cigarettes and precisely measures their use, sharing that information with a smartphone app for the user, and potentially researchers, to review later.       

Smart Cities Dive: Cities Can Leverage Program Management to Drive Smart Solutions 

Independent program management offices have the ability to break down the complexities of public-private partnerships and eliminate burdens on local governments.     

Verdict: How “A Whole New Form of Flight” Will Shape the Cities of the Future    

Flying cars have long been the stuff of science fiction, but a real-world version of them known as urban air mobility (UAM) is becoming an increasingly certain part of our future.    

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