Niraj Swami / The Intersection of AI, Healthcare, and Climate

January 26th, 2022

Nature Conservancy tech strategist, Niraj Swami, joins us to discuss how AI can help brainstorm solutions for global healthcare and a healthier planet.

They might seem like two different worlds, but the reality is, there is a close relationship between health and climate. Once we peel back some of the layers, the similarities are ever-present.

In this episode, Cody chats with Adaptrack CEO Niraj Swami, who is also part of the Nature Conservancy with Conservation Technology Strategy & Enablement, about the intersection of health and climate, and how they have parallel models with a common customer — humans.

“What excited me about climate data was that the planet doesn't lie. You ask somebody how they feel, they’ll tell you no good, so-so, but when you ask the planet how it feels, it gives you a number. That's good stuff for AI, the numbers are good things for AI.”

Cody and Niraj also talk about AI’s ability to empower scientists so they could accelerate their climate-related work through smart solutions and decision-making support, and the potential collaboration of space tech and climate tech. Don’t miss the pair discussing the mitigation aspect of AI and predicting outcomes in a much more measured and confident fashion.

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